Academic Supervisor

Nikos P. Pitsianis, tenured Assistant Professor


Nikos Sismanis, Ph.D student at ECE, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Past members

Vasiliki K. Siakka
Software developer Riot Games Santa Monica CA USA

Giorgos Papamakarios
MSc student at Imperial College, London, UK

Panagiotis Tsamouris
Software developer and tester at Imagination Technologies, London, UK

Alexandros S. Iliopoulos
Ph.D student at CS, Duke University, NC, USA

Giorgos Rizos
MSc student at Imperial College, London, UK

Petros Nyfantis
Software developer at Embodied Media Inc, Australia

Issak Manolis
Software developer at Greek Petroleum

Evangelos Savvidis

Ioannis Karafillias

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