Conference Proceedings

  • B. Zhang, J. Huang, N. P. Pitsianis, and X. Sun, Dynamic Prioritization for Parallel Traversal of Irregularly Structured Spatio-Temporal Graphs, In Proc. 3rd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism, Berkeley, CA, 2011
  • Y. Zhang, J. Liu, E. Kultursay, M. Kandemir, N. Pitsianis, and X. Sun, Scalable Parallelization Strategies to Accelerate NuFFT Data Translation on Multicores, Euro-Par'10 Proceedings of the 16th international Euro-Par conference on Parallel processing: Part II, LNCS 6272, pp 125-136, 2010
  • Y. Zhang, P. Yedlapalli, S. Muralidhara, H. Zhao, M. Kandemir, L. Deng, C. Chakrabarti, N. Pitsianis, and X. Sun, A Special-Purpose Compiler for Look-Up Table and Code Generation for Function Evaluation, Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE 2010), Dresden Germany, March 8-12, 2010
  • Y. Zhang, M. T. Kandemir, N. Pitsianis, and X. Sun, Exploring Parallelization Strategies for NUFFT Data Translation, EMSOFT 2009, pp. 187-196, 2009


Diploma Theses

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